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We provide a complete analysis of fiscal accounting to propose corrections and/or procedures to make possible to a better use of tax credits and to avoid administrative fines for lack of compliance with the countless accessory obligations imposed by the Tax regulations.

Review of the last five years (Debit and Credit)

Benefit of Tax Credits

Assessment and quantification of possible contingencies

With this service, the company have the opportunity to recover benefits that have not been claimed on their tax returns for the past five fiscal years.

The earning potential is real, the work is distinguished by flexibility, security and accuracy, and our service is based on success fee. Our Team of Professionals are trained to work with the most complex volumes of data.

The calculation of available tax credits can be performed estimated as four weeks for each fiscal year, beginning with the document analysis for taxes bellow:

  • ICMS is due on the physical movement of merchandise. The ICMS is also levied on inter-state and inter-municipal transport services, communications and electricity.
  • IPI excise tax is due, with a few exceptions, on all goods imported or manufactured in Brazil.
  • The COFINS is described as a social contribution and is targeted for funding of social welfare programs. The COFINS is charged on gross receipts from supply of goods and services.
  • The PIS was created to fund the unemployment insurance program. The COFINS is charged on gross receipts from supply of goods and services.
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